Innovators Of Lost Wax Molds / Investment Dies

JP Pattern, Inc. is a family owned and operated company located in the greater Milwaukee area since 1964. We are a high quality supplier of Investment Dies / Lost Wax tooling. Our capabilities also have allowed us to be proficient in a wide variety of machining and molding techniques that serve other types of manufacturing industries.

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Over our history we have gained experience in producing a wide range of tooling for the metal casting industry. We apply this knowledge to create a unique approach to your tooling and machining needs.

JPP Advantages

  • ISO since 2004 – FARO
  • In House Tool Design
  • Extensive capacity
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Case Studies

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Being chosen to provide our services and to offer our expertise to these project is testimonial the our ability to understand the goals and objectives of our customers and delivery effective solutions.

JP Pattern prides itself on maintaining a high level of technological capabilities, approaching each challenge with out-of-box thinking and limiting costs for our customers. Let us prove that to you.