Friday’s Trivia is a fun, interesting and brief break from the long week. On friday, we send out an email with a trivia question. Simply reply to the email with your answer in the message body to play! Those who participate are customers, colleagues and associates that JP Pattern has been privileged to meet over the years. Now we’ve turned it into a game! Eligible winners are those who are not employees or family members of employees of JP Pattern. Winners will receive a gift (possibly perishable) at the end of each session.

If your company or agency prohibits receipt of such items JP Pattern will make a $25 donation to charity. The winner may choose from the following: American Cancer Society, Make-A-Wish Foundation, or the American Red-Cross.

If you wish to sign up for Friday’s Trivia click here.

You can view your score by clicking on the link provided in the Friday’s Trivia email message.

Here are rules and how the scoring works:

  • Questions will be emailed Friday morning around 9:00am. We may choose to skip a week or delay the sending due to any Internet or other technical difficulties. Questions will be paused for the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years holiday season. Questions will be paused on any holiday that falls on a Friday.
  • Game sessions will be 4 months long. Starting with January, May and September as the 1st months. At the end of the session the winner will be notified via email.
  • The winner of a previous session will be ineligible to win the current session. If a previous winner is the highest scorer for the current session the next highest score will be used to determine the winner.
  • In the case of a tie the tie break will be determined by:
    1. Number of 1st place entries
    2. Earliest time of entries.
    3. Coin toss.

Scoring will be as follows:

  • 3 points for the 1st correct reply.
  • 2 points for a correct reply.
  • 1 point for an incorrect reply (answer will be judged to insure an valid attempt was made to answer correctly).
  • 0 points for no reply.
  • The winner will be the eligible player who has accumulated the most points at the end of a session.

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