Our mold making capabilities include dies for both high pressure die casting and low pressure permanent mold metal castings.

The diversity in our customer base has enabled us to be proficient with the construction of different tooling types.

Our ability to adapt to our customers needs has allowed us to gain experience in many industries. Working with our customer has expanded our capabilities.

Meeting the needs of our customers has always brought forth interesting challenges that shaped the versatility of JP Pattern, Inc. Our capabilities have increased due our commitment to finding solutions to these challenges.

Sand Foundry Patterns

When JP Pattern started our primary function was producing sand casting patterns for various foundries in the Midwest. Sand foundry tooling continues to be an area of our expertise.

JP Pattern can produce sand foundry patterns of many different types for for many types of molding machines with low volume and metal foundry patterns for high volume outputs such as DISA, Hunter, BMD and others. Patterns for sand molds can be constructed from wood, epoxy, machinable plastics, or metals and are designed to our customers specifications to fit their manufacturing environment.

For more samples of sand foundry patterns, sand foundry molds please visit our Portfolio page.